Last Friday, the Boston Bruins front office tried to hide the news regarding the firing of their head coach, Claude Julien, by making the announcement during the New England Patriots Super Bowl Parade. Dealing with mid-season coaching changes is always tough on fans, but the timing of the announcement combined with excitement for the Patriots softened the impact a bit.

The reality of this situation came crashing down on Boston fans yesterday (Valentine’s Day) when their arch-rivals, the Montreal Canadiens, announced that Claude Julien would replace Michel Therrien as head coach.

Talk about throwing salt in the wound, and then some rubbing alcohol for that extra burn. Not only did the Boston faithful lose a beloved coach, they now have to watch him stand behind the bench of the one team they hate with a burning passion.
Boston tears are the best tears. ‘Member 17 Seconds?17-secondsOoh! I ‘member!